Adli Wahid

Adli Wahid

Adli Wahid is a Senior Internet Security Specialist at the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC). He is responsible for the APNIC’s security engagement with the security community and the lead for the APNIC Community Honeynet Project. His engagement activities include providing technical support & training for network operators, Law Enforcement Agencies and CERTs/CSIRTs.

Talk / Workshop

What's Hitting My Honeypots

APNIC has been running a community honeynet project with partners across the region. The data & observations collected are shared with various systems and fed into platforms (such as MISP) for the benefits of network owners and security researchers. In this talk, we'll share with the audience how we setup and deploy the honeypots, threats observed - focusing on the South Asian region as well as various tools we use in the backend for analysing the (linux) binaries dropped in our honeypots.

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