Eva Galperin

Eva Galperin

Eva Galperin is EFF's Director of Cybersecurity. Prior to 2007, when she came to work for EFF, Eva worked in security and IT in Silicon Valley and earned degrees in Political Science and International Relations from SFSU. Her work is primarily focused on providing privacy and security for vulnerable populations around the world. To that end, she has applied the combination of her political science and technical background to everything from organizing EFF's Tor Relay Challenge, to writing privacy and security training materials (including Surveillance Self Defense and the Digital First Aid Kit), and publishing research on malware in Syria, Vietnam, Kazakhstan. When she is not collecting new and exotic malware, she practices aerial circus arts and learning new languages.

Key Note

Surveillance Begins At Home

“Privacy is dead” is a lie that the powerful tell you so that you’ll stop fighting for it. In this talk, we will break down the many ways in which our lives are increasingly under surveillance, by governments, law enforcement, private corporations, schools, our employers, harassers and stalkers, and even our families. Learn about why it is vital for security professionals to preserve privacy through technology, policy and outreach, and what you can do about it right now.

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