Hussein Daher

Hussein Daher

Hussein Daher is a bug bounty hunter since 2013 active on different platforms under the username "hussein98d". He has also established a local pentesting company in Ivory Coast for local companies and big corporations. His company, Webtrusion, has worked under NDA with multiple parts of the governments helping them identify flaws in their web infrastructure and providing complex services.
Hussein98d has also participated to LHEs and won the Vigilante Award and Best Team Collaboration Award in 2020 at Verizon Media's Hacking event H1-2010. He has identified vulnerabilities on more than 300 different companies worldwide.

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An Advanced Guide to Finding Good Bugs

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Bug bounties are evolving year after year and thousands of infosec enthuasiasts are looking to join the boat. Having a great place on that boat requires dedication and investing a great amount of time of work. In fact, there are multiple types of vulnerabilities and mastering the most important of these can be a game changer. In this class, attendees will learn the "how" and "why" of vulnerabilities they are already aware of instead of sticking to what the vulnerability is in general. This class will be based on real-life scenarios to show how to think out of the box in different scenarios to bring in the maximum impact.


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