Lianne Potter

Lianne Potter

Tales from an Anthropologist is delivered by respected cyber anthropologist, Lianne Potter, who started her tech career as a software developer interested in secure coding practices, and then later began working as a security operation analyst. It was while working in these security roles that she found herself learning on her original career path as a digital anthropologist to create stronger team dynamics and better stakeholder engagement to achieve her security goals. Seeing the positive impact that anthropology had in the organisations she employed it in, she set up her own consultancy as a cyber anthropologist to demonstrate the importance of considering the human element in security.
Lianne is also Information Security Transformation Manager at one of the largest UK insurance companies where she builds strategies to create sustainable security cultures throughout the organisation.
Outside of work, she is on the advisory board for two community enterprises aimed at encouraging diversity in tech and on the board for a cybersecurity startup. She is a published author, podcast host, and recently won's Security Specialist of the Year for her work on human centric approaches to security.

Talk / Workshop

Tales of An Anthropologist in Cybersecurity

When the prolific hacker group REvil described companies who offered cyber insurance as: 'the tastiest morsels' in an interview with Recorded Future earlier this year, their evocative description summoned something primal within the industry. It harked back to a time, in our ancient ancestry, when we were just as likely to be hunted, as we were to be the hunter - this is the environment we now live in as security professionals.
Despite the robustness of the technical tools we employ to face these threats, because so many organisations and the processes they employ, consistently neglect the very human nature of hacking, devastating breaches are most likely to be born from a single human click or human misconfiguration.
Looking at the importance of storytelling and folklore to drive innovation, stimulating grey matter with the grey areas, and employing research techniques such as participant observation and theories such as reciprocity, Tales from an Anthropologist in Cybersecurity explores how the social sciences can help you gain valuable insight into your teams, identify gaps and weak points and provide you with practical applications to rebuild your tribe to face adversaries, both outside and from within your organisation.
By the end of this talk, you will have a greater insight into why teams function the way they do and what you can do to start moving your organisation towards a collaborative and intrinsic security culture that will help you deliver your goals with less friction, give you a seat at the table for critical business decisions and help you, help the teams you support to deliver their objectives, on time and on budget, securely.

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