Nitesh Bhatta

Nitesh Bhatta

Nitesh aka Neat is an offensive consultant operating from Australia; a penetration tester by day, occasional bounty hunter and someone who’s always keen to explore the intel domain (OSINT). He volunteers in various community driven events such as BSides Canberra, BSides Sydney to name a few and participates in global TraceLab events to help law enforcement agencies find missing persons.
Twitter: @MrMeterpreter.

Talk / Workshop

INT all the way - Hold my prod, I’m going Phishing!

More often than not, phishing is used as a tool, a gateway to compromise any organisation. No matter if it’s your red team engagement, phishing simulation or otherwise adversarial practice by APT groups and ransomware gangs; targeted phishing attacks are skyrocketing. This talk will highlight open source intelligence gathering techniques that can be used for advanced operations during social engineering campaigns and phishing simulations. The speaker will discuss how they make use of various phishing tools, infrastructure setup, OSINT techniques and some of the case studies from their previous assessment/engagements.

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